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Nomadism as pedagogy


"A poor pedagogy, in a sense, is blind, has no destination, no purpose, doesn’t go anywhere, is not concerned with some 'beyond', has no sight on the promised land, it’s deaf in a way, it doesn’t hear the interpellations, it doesn’t obey laws and even more stupid, it has no lessons to learn.

It offers the possibility of identification; it offers no comfort.

This pedagogy invites one to enter the world, to expose oneself, that is, to put oneself in an uncomfortable, weak 'position', and it offers resources and support to do so.

A poor pedagogy promises no benefits.

There is nothing to gain and no return to expect, no lessons to be learned.

But poor pedagogy is generous in a sense: it gives time and space, the time and space of experience.

What is needed is the will to move and to draw energy from the projection and appropriation, which time and “again”, establishes its own order and 'home'.

By: Jan Masschelein

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