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founded in 2014



ArtEZ Product Design

ArtEZ Education in Art

Willem De Kooning Academy


Projects and workshops




Collective workshop; experimental and explorative journey to discover and trigger the five senses; taste, touch, sight, smell, hearing.

-In collaboration with Product Design department ArtEZ & Domaine de Boisbuchet (FR).



2021 - 22

‘LOCUS 8B Vol.1’

An explorative 9 days’ workshop focusing on textile and ceramic zooming in on local resources in the very concept of crafts.

-In collaboration with Kunstkollektivet 8B (DK), students and professionals.



2019 -20 -21 -22


A magical glass 7 days’ workshop in collaboration with a team of professional glassblowers

- Boda Glassbruck (SE), in collaboration with divers Academies in NL / EU



‘Achter de schermen van Polder TV’

Students of Product Design ArtEZ worked to produce the filmset of Polder TV in Schokland as part of their class Future Artefacts, rethinking their future production.

-In collaboration with Rianne Makkink (architect and founder of Studio Makkink&Bey), Willem Schenk (cultural strategist) and Jules van den Langenberg (curator, writer)



‘Instant School’

A spot-on performance, composed by ArtEZ Zwolle, DBKV students.

- The NDSM Nursery Square, Amsterdam in collaboration with curator Jules van den Langenberg




1 day performance workshop

- The NDSM Nursery Square, Amsterdam in collaboration with curator Jules van den Langenberg and ArtEZ Product Design students



‘’/ The Garden Of Komba

Zanzibar, intercultural workshops, the “familiar” and the “strange.” Mfumbwi (Zanzibar, TZ)



‘The Gym’

How can we stimulate creative processes through exercise?

- Product Design Arnhem, ArtEZ academy (Arnhem, NL)



‘Object or Thing?’ 
Workshop with design students questioning: What do we perceive as being Art or Design in relation to the object or the thing?
- Product Design Arnhem, ArtEZ academy (Arnhem, NL)



‘Excavations From The Southern Landscapes’

Archeology before digging in the dirt. How do objects look like as if they were hidden in the ground?

- Maastricht Academy of Fine Arts and Design (Maastricht, NL)



‘Playa Blanca’ & ‘Playa Negro’

Series of Postcards that invite the audience to create and send playful messages.

-In collaboration with Postmodern, (Amsterdam, NL)



‘This Doesn’t Smell Right’

Workshop on the influence of scent on our memory.

- Studium Generale ArtEZ, (Arnhem, NL)



‘Bye Textielmuseum’

Hosting an expert meeting on domestic textiles.

- Het Heuvelland, (Maastricht, NL), in collaboration with Jules van den Langenberg and TextielLab. Textile experts: Maaike Gottschal, Maartje Boer, Hebe Verstappen, Romy Voncken. Intern: Geert Lebens. Photographer: Fabian Landewee. Tour guide: Roy van Kan



‘A State of Wellbeing’

A nine-day exhibition, staging nine artists that discuss new notions of wellbeing with the audience.

- Dutch Design Week (Eindhoven, NL), DeeDeeWeeDoomPaDiDee curated by Jules van den Langenberg

Day 7 I Just Don’t Know What To Do With Myself in collaboration with Juul de Metz, Guus van Beers, Mick Geurts



‘S.O.A.P.P. Shredded Obsession Addictive Pleasure Piece’

The production of soap consisting of shredded pieces of a new contemporary jewelry magazine called Current Obsession.

- Fashion Biennial, (Arnhem, NL) curated by Lidewij Edelkoort


Voordekunst, Amsterdam

Dutch Design Krant, Eindhoven

25 Tronen voor Beatrix, NRC Handelsblad

Textiel plus, Jolanda Branderhorst, Galerie

‘500 Brooches’ Larks Books Asheville USA

Museum Visie, Autonome Aandenkens, 2004

EKWC Bulletin #1, annual review 2004

Souvenir Museum Van Loon, Galerie Ra en Kring van Nederlandse Beeldhouwers 2004

DSM nieuws Magazine 2004

‘1000 Rings’, Larks Books, Asheville USA 2003

Bijenkorf ‘Bij Magazine’ 2003 2003

Trouw ‘Lepels die tot nadenken stemmen’, Liesbeth den Besten 2002

Lepels/ Spoons, published by Galerie Ra 2002

Fanshop, project Tokyo-Amsterdam 2001

Volkskrant artikel Sybren Hellinga Kunstprijs 2001

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